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Why Wasteex?


By reducing waste and producing energy, Wasteex supports sustainable waste management and a cleaner environment.


Pyrolysis System

We developed a small, affordable pyrolysis system. Pyrolysis is a green technology that converts waste into valuable resources through heating organic matter in the absence of oxygen.

How to pyrolysis

Early Prototype

For the TUM IDEAwArd

Showcase in German

that's us

The Team

We both study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and formed a team for the TUM IDEAward. Elias studies chemistry and has been developing the system for eight years. Marc has a master in chemical engineering and is currently working on his PhD.



2nd place 2022

our first customer

Pro Ocean

Pro Ocean actively cleans beaches in the Philippines and plans to use our system to recycle the plastic they collect.

What's next?

New Prototype

Currently we are developing a new prototype for production.

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